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Death by creative exhaustion

About me: West Texas raised. Artist by vice, programer by choice. Tortillero in the AM, game designer on the PM. Arriva la maquina!

#pokemon #Inktober #005 #illustration #art
Going back to these for #Inktober #002 #pokemon #ivysaur #illustration #art
Another lordemusic piece because I’m not obsessed. #Inktober #lorde #PureHeroine #art #illustration
I bought a gold pen #IronMan #Marvel #marvelcomics #avengers #inktober #art #illustration #gold
#inktober #illustration #art #ink #lorde #yellowflickerbeat

Gonna start another art series soon. This one for the long run, a bit inspired by sirmitchell's work. Everything I'm about is gonna show thru in this. I'm exited and I'm having fun :)

I will also most likely be posting them in my gamedev blog: masterworksinteractive. Don’t know if I’ll ever phase out this blog, It’s getting weird running two tumblrs but they each still have their own thing going on so I’m gonna keep ‘em for now.

So, you know how I was trying to convince myself to get that Wacom Cintiq Companion tablet. After some browsing I came accross the Adonit Jot Touch, which is a pressure sensitive pen that can be used on an iPad!

Cinitiq Companion hybrid: $1500.00

iPad air(T-mobile) + Jot Touch: $720.00

The Cintiq is obviously the better piece of hardware but a bit much for what I planned on using it for. This just got a whole lot easier.

I wonder if my creative thought process will ever stop yielding ideas. I’m not much to sit down and spill graphite on paper until something makes sense. My ideas sort of just come to me in the most random occasions. I just hope I don’t die with ideas in my head. I want to grow old and slowly run out of ideas and when that one last idea is finally realized then I will know that my time has come. Like “Yup, this is it, I have nothing else to give to this world.” Then I’d go to sleep knowing I’d never wake up. Death by creative exhaustion, what a beautiful way to die.


So I’m working on this project and visually it’s pretty much outer space. But I want to add some color, some lines, some visual movement, some fucken sass to space. I see amazing pictures of stars and nebulas all the time but I want to get rid of the black here. How do you express the mystery of space without its most dominant feature, its infinite darkness. This is quiet the challenge.

To the photoshops!